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Congressional Leaders: NC Needs Bold, Bipartisan Action to Supercharge our Infrastructure and Sustain our Competitive Advance

The NC Chamber joins business advocates nationwide, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers (the NAM), in urging members of the U.S. House of Representatives – and especially North Carolina’s House leaders – to unify in support of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Tell Congress to Vote “Yes”!

If enacted, this $1.2 trillion package will fund the first comprehensive suite of major infrastructure investments authorized by the federal government in over a decade. For North Carolina, it will mean more than $10.4 billion in additional long-term funding to put toward modernizing our transportation, telecommunications, water, and energy networks. A bipartisan coalition of U.S. senators – including North Carolina’s senators, Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Thom Tillis – showed bold leadership already this session by working across the aisle to advance this long-sought priority out of the Senate.

Now it’s the House’s turn to show bold, bipartisan support for American infrastructure – and you can help ensure North Carolina’s leaders do just that:

Click the button above or follow this link to a U.S. Chamber action alert where you can send a customizable message direct to your representative. Let them know that North Carolinians are counting on our House leaders to stand with our senators and vote “yes” to secure this once-in-a-generation opportunity to bolster and enhance vital infrastructure connections across our state. You can also make use of this U.S. Chamber advocacy toolkit to view sample messages and download state-specific social media graphics. Remember to amplify your advocacy using the hashtag #InfrastructureNow.

Other Federal Priorities: Protecting Commonsense Tax Reforms

Supporting world-class infrastructure networks is important at the best of times, but it’s nothing short of critical as America fights to get out from under a global pandemic. So is nurturing a domestic tax climate that empowers job creators to grow and thrive on American soil. But drastic tax hikes attached to another major spending bill Congress is considering – a multi-trillion budget reconciliation plan – threaten to roll back successful tax reforms that are helping America’s businesses drive growth and expand domestic opportunity in today’s intensely competitive global marketplace.

This update from the NAM offers a great summary of these proposed tax increases and the damage they would cause for American manufacturers and job creators in various sectors. Suffice it to say that these proposals would put serious dampers on North Carolina’s growth and impede many businesses from operating at full strength to sustain our economic resurgence.

The NC Chamber recently added our endorsement to a joint letter, organized by the NAM, calling on congressional leaders to safeguard successful tax reforms and oppose burdensome tax hikes on domestic job creation. As we urge North Carolina’s voices on Capitol Hill to stand firm in their support of comprehensive infrastructure investments, we urge them to stand just as firm in supporting fair, competitive tax policies that enable our job creators to continue powering forward progress for our state, its economy, and our citizens.