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It is important to establish a cross functional team that is tasked with monitoring COVID-19 daily. Everyone in leadership should understand who is monitoring what and how often they are speaking – most organizations have a team that is collaborating and reporting daily.

  • All protocols and procedures should come through this team. This group is also tasked with following the latest recommendations and adjusting operations accordingly.
  • This team will have a diverse membership, each offering unique perspectives. Suggested members include HR, legal, operations, finance, communications, safety, and an internal medical professional.
  • Some organizations are finding success in establishing two teams – one focused on tracking and keeping up with the shifting government directives, the other focused on the internal HR/legal/operations side.
  • Consider that a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or an Occupational Health Nurse be included as a member of your team in preparing a plan of action to resume operations.