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October 29, 2019

This conference brings together C-suite executives and HR professionals from the private and non-profit sectors for an in-depth exploration of unconscious bias, diversity programming, recruitment & retention strategy, and other topics related to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. One of the NC Chamber’s most popular events, content will be valuable for a wide range of organizations and attendees, ranging from the young professional to seasoned executive.


Tuesday, October 29
7:45 amRegistration and Networking
8:30 amWelcome Remarks
8:45 amAvoiding the Inclusion Illusion

Charles C. Weathers, Sr., Founder and CEO, The Weathers Group

Leaders that fully encourage and embrace diversity can help establish incredibly powerful organizations in their communities. While some believe the concept of “diversity in the workplace” is simply about documenting the race and gender of employees, it actually requires understanding matters much deeper than that. As office environments become increasingly diverse, a variety of issues tend to arise. Differences in cultural, spiritual, and political beliefs can sometimes pose a challenge, however achieving true equity and inclusion requires more than checking a box on team demographics.

This participant-centered session provides a platform for individuals to engage in courageous conversations that expand thoughts, challenge assumptions and shift paradigms regarding the subject of diversity. The unique experience and background of the presenter contributes to a lively and meaningful exchange, providing real-world recommendations and practical tools.

9:45 amNetworking Break
10:15 amOpen Office Culture Shift: How D&I Builds Better Teams

Join Brittany Glover and Adrienne Michelle in an interactive and informal discussion on Diversity and Inclusion. From race to sexuality and everything in between; learn the interwoven techniques of a therapist and an engineer working together to provide education, unequivocal action steps, and understanding of the true value brought to organizations through inclusive practices.

11:00 amInclusion Best Practices: Creating a Sense of Belonging in Your Organization

While diversity and inclusion can mean different things to different people across different cultures, the importance of belonging is universal. Cultivating an inclusive work environment that engages and supports all employees is a goal that everyone can embrace. In this session, you will hear best practices to create a sense of belonging in your organization thus imp,”roving employee retention and satisfaction.

11:45 amLunch and Table Activities
1:00 pmClosing Remarks