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Ag Allies: Landscape-Shifting Legal Developments (August 18)

The next session in NC Chamber’s Ag Allies webinar series shared insights with North Carolina’s agribusiness and food community on recent legal developments and their impact on the sector. Topics included Proposition 12 litigation, Pacific Legal Institute’s win, and an update on the NC Right to Farm law. Session concluded with Q&A. Watch here.

Member Roundtable: We Are Your Voice: Legislative and Workforce Update (June 29 and 30)

At this exclusive member-only virtual gathering, tailored for business leaders who lead organizations and teams, Facilitators Ray Starling, General Counsel for the NC Chamber and president of the NC Chamber Legal Institute; and Gary Salamido, President and CEO of the NC Chamber; reviewed the top 10 legislative issues, discussed current employment and workforce challenges, shared polling data outcomes, and concluded with a live Q&A session. Recording not available for this program.

Ag Allies : Forces Behind the Future of Food and Why It Matters to Your Business (May 18)

The development of sustainable food systems — producing, processing, transporting, and consuming food — has taken a center stage for business leaders and communities worldwide. In addition to North Carolina’s robust agriculture industry, our state’s animal processing and manufacturing sector is the second-largest in the nation. This webinar, presented in collaboration with Melissa San Miguel, Head of Americas and Policy at Red Flag, provided attendees with an overview of the driving forces behind shaping the landscape of food manufacturing, and how it might impact their business. Topics included trends influencing food systems, snapshot and goals of the UN Food Systems Summit, and policy and regulatory predictions. Session concluded with Q&A. Watch here.

Performance Under Pressure (April 27)

As Covid-19 continues to cast unpredictability on economic climate and communities statewide, business leaders face a challenge of sustaining performing under pressure. To aid businesses to build high-performing teams throughout the course of the year, the NC Chamber partnered with John Murphy International to review and discuss performance-related topics currently impacting businesses and their bottom line, including insights gleaned from working with business leaders globally, tools for unlocking performance from within a team, focus on the small number of changes that will deliver maximum impact, and new ways of looking at team performance.  Attendees left with action items to help identify the sources of performance gain that can boost the success of their strategic business initiatives and of their critical teams over the next 6-12 months. Recording available to attendees only.

Ag Allies: Weather Outlook and Fertilizer Trends (April 13)

With the rapid rise in global population and continuous changes in the climate, the agribusiness industry has been under a significant pressure, particularly in navigating demands on sustainable food production. To equip leaders in our state’s vital sector with the latest predictions and market indicators to help inform their business strategy, the NC Chamber partnered with Nutrien, an innovator in agriculture, on a webinar: “Ag Allies: Weather Outlook and Fertilizer Trends.” Topics covered weather outlook with forecast tools and resources, and a snapshot of global fertilizer pricing and commodity markets, including China’s impact on grain and fertilizer. Attendees had an opportunity to ask questions on issues impacting their business. Watch here.

Members Only: PAC Webinar Series (February 22 and March 1)

With legislative session in progress, the NC Chamber was thrilled to host an exclusive NC Chamber PAC Webinar Series, featuring leaders from both aisles of the N.C. General Assembly. They provided an outlook of their legislative priorities, shared perspectives on immediate and long-term key issues impacting the business community, and concluded with an opportunity for participants to join the discussion with Q&A. Recording not available for this program.

Member Roundtable: Chamber Leadership Addresses Vaccination Rollout and the 2021 Legislative Session (February 8 and 10)

At this virtual meeting, tailored for business leaders who lead organizations and teams, members received an update from the NC Chamber’s Government Affairs team, discussed latest member survey findings related to Covid-19 vaccine and its rollout, and had an opportunity to address specific questions. Facilitated by Ray Starling, general counsel for the NC Chamber and president of the NC Chamber Legal Institute, and Gary J. Salamido, MS, CEO of the NC Chamber, as a speaker. Recording not available for this program.

Members Only: New Faces of the Council of State: Education & Workforce Update (January 21)

The NC Chamber was pleased to virtually introduce two incoming members of the Council of State to the statewide business community: newly elected Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Catherine Truitt and Department of Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson. They provided a preview of their upcoming priorities impacting North Carolina’s businesses in the current economic environment and shared their perspectives on immediate and long-term challenges and opportunities in education and workforce. Recording not available for this program.

Connect Your Community: Breaking Barriers with Accessible Transportation (December 15, 2020)

The lack of equal access to affordable, reliable transportation in underserved communities leads not only to opportunity barriers and deepening equity gaps, but inability to meet needs as basic as obtaining food and medical care. Impact-driven organizations, including My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, National Urban League, United Way, and Goodwill, have joined forces with Lyft, to provide job seekers with rides to job training, interviews, and jobs, as well as assist low-income families and seniors with transportation to grocery stores, hospitals, and access to other essential services. Former Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx, United States Secretary of Transportation under President Obama, and current chief policy officer and senior advisor to president and CEO at Lyft, presents on how social programs, engaged policy makers, and partnerships between local businesses and support organizations can help address local transportation issues and lift up communities. Watch here.

A Stronger Workforce: The Business Case for Second Chance Employment, Part 2 (December 10, 2020)

At a time when talent supply presents the ultimate dilemma for employers in many industries, second chance employment offers a practicable solution for expanding skilled labor force. While the first installment in this webinar series, sponsored by Smith Anderson, emphasized the need and benefits to job seekers, job creators, and communities, this session focused on implementation. As part of a panel discussion, attendees had the opportunity to hear application strategies of second chance hiring in their business, address the topic from an administration angle (including available state and local resources), and gain deeper insights from the perspectives of an employment attorney and a government representative for successful execution. Watch here.

Members Only: 2020 Post-Election Update & Analysis (November 10; November 12, 2020)

The NC Chamber is pleased to offer its Member Roundtable series. Open only to member companies, these meetings bring together business executives and NC Chamber leadership to discuss specific topics currently impacting the business community. During this quarter’s virtual roundtable, we will review 2020 Election outcomes (including breakdown of federal, state, and judicial races), discuss key take-aways ranging from results analysis to fundraising, preview any leadership changes and its implications, and conclude with a live Q&A session. Recording not available for this program.

A Stronger Workforce: The Business Case for Second Chance Hiring (September 29, 2020)

Jessie Smith, W. R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Public Law and Government; and Director of the UNC-Chapel School of Government’s Criminal Justice Innovation Lab, provides a sobering, data-rich assessment of NC’s criminal justice system. Following her overview, Fifth Third Bank’s Jeff Korzenik and SEPI Inc’s Mariah Agsten provide the employer perspective on second chance hiring, underscoring the benefits to job seekers, job creators, and communities as a whole. Watch here.

Education: The Road to Recovery and Resiliency (May 5, 2020)

COVID-19 forced numerous industries to quickly re-think the delivery of products and services. One of the biggest shifts occurred in education, with more than two million students in public or private schools and universities shifting to a virtual learning, at-home format. Join us Tuesday, May 5, at 2 p.m. as education leaders discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our state’s education systems and what the road to recovery looks like. Speakers include Peter Hans, president of NC Community Colleges; Dr. Randy Woodson, chancellor of NC State University; and Dr. Anthony Jackson, superintendent of Vance County Schools and NC Superintendent of the Year. Watch here.