Made in North Carolina

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What’s made in North Carolina, makes North Carolina. We know that manufacturing businesses like yours are the backbone of our state’s economy. From consumer goods like furniture, tape, textiles and food to pharmaceuticals, construction and vehicle equipment, steel and more, the products created by your businesses fuel everything that happens in our state.  

Yet even as manufacturing continues to innovate and evolve, the industry is hurting from a lack of skilled talent and outdated perceptions about manufacturing careers. Burdensome regulations and trade uncertainty threaten to stifle growth and aging infrastructure could slow progress to a trickle. It’s clear that manufacturers need a voice fighting for them. 

While some may take your work for granted, the NC Chamber is committed to serving North Carolina’s manufacturers. Whether you’re interested in making new connections with fellow leaders, growing your business’ brand or having a voice in shaping North Carolina’s future, the NC Chamber can help you achieve your business’ goals, while tackling any obstacles that stand in the way. 

As North Carolina’s voice for business, the NC Chamber is here to amplify yours and ensure that North Carolina’s manufacturing industry remains a leader. 

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