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Transportation infrastructure funding is essential to a thriving economy. To move people and goods safely and efficiently, North Carolina must have a transportation network that can meet the demands of its rapidly increasing population. Predictable, consistent funding is a cornerstone of this process so that employers can hire and retain the employees needed to deliver the results their business is contracted to provide.

In 2014, the NC Chamber Foundation commissioned the Institute for Transportation Research and Education at NC State University to conduct a study to find a funding solution that provides a diversified, stable and economically efficient revenue model to meet North Carolina’s long-term transportation needs. You can read the study and review its recommendations here.

Going forward, any solution must return certainty and predictability to this process and provide consistent funding for our transportation network to keep North Carolinians employed and goods and people moving safely and efficiently.

The NC Can’t Afford to Stop coalition is currently collaborating to define those solutions.

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