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Phone Call

I’m calling on behalf of the NC Chamber Foundation’s new 5-year NC Leads strategic plan and campaign.

The NC Chamber Foundation is the long-term research center for the NC Chamber. We see the data-driven policy recommendations they will be developing over the next five years as key to future growth. My firm has already committed to the new campaign, and I am working with campaign chairs Derek Steed and Kendal Bowman to help get broad participation for the effort.

  1. Can I have their campaign staff get in touch to review the plan in person?
  2. I’ve asked their campaign staff to give you a call and try to set up a time for us to meet. If we can’t find a time that works for all, perhaps the Chamber could visit you and then you and I can follow-up up later.

Direct Email 

I am reaching out on behalf of the NC Chamber Foundation and their new 5-year strategic plan ‘NC Leads’ and campaign.

As you may know, the Foundation is the non-partisan, long range planning and research center of the NC Chamber. It provides data-driven research and develops policy recommendations that the Chamber and others employ to maintain the competitiveness of our state. Foundation President Meredith Archie would appreciate the opportunity for a 30 to 45-minute meeting with you to present NC Leads and explore your participation.

We are looking at a substantial commitment to the Foundation for this work, as we think it’s critical for all North Carolinians that decisions continue to be driven by long term thinking, quality research and data. Kendal Bowman of Duke Energy and Derek Steed of Glen Raven are chairing the effort.

Thank you for your consideration – happy to connect you with the Foundation team to set up a meeting.

Staff Email

Greetings from the NC Chamber Foundation!

As you may know, the Foundation is the long term research and planning organization of the NC Chamber.

We have a powerful new plan in place called NC Leads to guide our policy development work for the next five years and are hoping to schedule a 30 to 45-minute in-person meeting with you in the coming weeks to review that plan and discuss potential involvement in a corresponding fundraising campaign.

NC Leads campaign leader XXXX has asked to be included in the meeting, along with NC Chamber Foundation president Meredith Archie and Campaign Director Greta von Unruh.

Below my signature line please find a set of dates in September when all are available, if you have availability.

If none of these dates work, we are happy to look further out.

Thank you for your consideration.