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Access the tried and true playbook of NC’s foremost business leaders, all on your schedule.

The Business Playbook is a monthly podcast that provides best-in-class case studies and strategies for achieving business success. Listeners will leave each episode with concrete steps necessary for growth in areas such as leadership, workforce development, employee relations, community outreach, business development, and more. Whether from your couch, car, favorite coffee shop, or office, learn from the best business minds in North Carolina on your schedule.

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Episode 8 | Recruiting and Attracting Diverse Talent

In episode 8 of The Business Playbook, Samet’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Ilina Ewen discusses what’s working well for her organization in its effort to attract women to the construction industry. Listen in for best practices, including examples of community outreach and school system engagement–both tools that are powering Samet to lead the construction industry in the diversity sphere.

Great listen for recruitment, HR, or talent development professionals, in addition to executives looking to enhance their DEI strategy

Episode 7 | #1 For Business: North Carolina's Winning Formula

In episode 7 of The Business Playbook, NC Chamber President and CEO Gary Salamido discusses the formula that has won North Carolina numerous accolades for business climate and competitiveness, most recently CNBC’s Top State for Business (2022). Listen to hear why NC is consistently earning #1 rankings and what our state must do to win a repeat in 2023.

Great discussion for audiences interested in North Carolina’s economic development and competitive position.

Episode 6 | NC's Political Climate: The Business Lens

In Episode 6 of The Business Playbook, NC Chamber Political Director Kirk O’Steen discusses everything from primary election takeaways to top business issues that will likely impact November’s General Election. Kirk also breaks down the NC Chamber’s political program, detailing its purpose, functions, and ways to get involved.

A great listen for business leaders with an interest in politics or supporting a strong jobs agenda in North Carolina.

Episode 5 | Employee Wellbeing: Promoting Mental Health at Work

In Episode 5 of The Business Playbook, NC Chamber CEO Gary Salamido and Duke Health’s Melissa Segal discuss the business imperative of fostering wellbeing at work. Listeners will hear data and best practices for prioritizing and valuing employee mental health, and learn about the positive outcomes that result when employees are happier, healthier, and more secure in the workplace.

Episode 4 | Women in the C-Suite: Growing Diversity, Opportunity, and Equity

In this NC Chamber podcast, guest host and NC Chamber President & CEO Gary Salamido chats with business leader and NC Chamber Chair Sepi Saidi (SEPI Inc.) about the current landscape for women in the workplace. Reflecting on data, personal experience, and best practices, these two executives discuss what businesses must consider to create work environments where all can lead and thrive.

Excellent listen for any business professional looking to sponsor or mentor women in the workplace, or promote a more equitable workplace culture.

Episode 3 | The Business of STEM: Connecting Classroom & Workforce

In episode 3 of The Business Playbook, we discuss the benefits of STEM education with TMSA teachers Ahnie Ingram and Zaron Johnson. Tune in to hear several ways the business community can directly connect with educators to make the classroom experience more authentic and more preparatory for students.

Great discussion for all business professionals looking for ways to connect with the education community

To connect with either of our speakers, please reach out to Emmy Boyette at

Episode 2 | The Flex Work Environment: Making it Work for Your Business

In episode 2 of The Business Playbook, we discuss flex work culture with IBM’s Global Director of Workplace, Technology, Design & Integrated Solutions Kent Taylor. Hear the opportunities and obstacles posed by a shift to a flex work environment, as well as data that forecasts whether this trend is here to stay.

An excellent listen for Chief HR, Operations, and General Management professionals.

To connect with Kent, please reach out to Emmy Boyette at

Episode 1 | Become a Community Champion

In this episode of The Business Playbook, BASF Global Head of Seed Supply Excellence Octavio Soares discusses BASF’s commitment to battling hunger in North Carolina and globally. More than a check writer, BASF engages employees, hosts virtual initiatives and sponsors events to champion this critical issue. Walk away with steps your organization can take, regardless of revenue or employee size, to make a strong impact in your community.

An excellent listen for executives, community engagement/affairs, public relations, and non-profit professionals.

To connect with Octavio, contact Emmy Boyette at