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Welcome to This Week at the Capital, your detailed breakdown of the legislation that matters most to your business. The NC Chamber tracks the bills our advocacy team is monitoring, in accordance with our 2022 legislative agenda, describing where those bills are in the legislative process and whether we support or oppose them on your behalf.

Throughout the legislative session, bills of high importance to the business community are added under one of the three pillars of North Carolina Vision 2030, the NC Chamber Foundation’s strategic road map for our state’s future. These pillars include Education and Talent SupplyCompetitive Business Climate, and Infrastructure and Growth. Votes and sponsorships on the legislation listed here will ultimately be considered for inclusion in How They Voted, our post-session legislative report card.

July 14, 2022 Edition

While the NC Chamber does not take a position on the budget, we were pleased to see the sustainable, diversified revenue for transportation in the final signed budget. The plan to allocate a percentage of the total sales tax collected for transfer from the state’s General Fund to the Highway Fund and the Highway Trust Fund was policy that was initially introduced in a billed filed by Chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations on Department of Transportation Senator Vickie Sawyer in May. Director of Government Affairs Mark Coggins, along with members of the Destination 2030 Coalition, have been advocating for it as smart policy since. More information on the Chamber’s position, as well as the plan, is available here. 

We were also pleased to see Gov. Cooper sign SB762: North Carolina Farm Act of 2022. This bill includes numerous provisions specifically dealing with agriculture and agribusiness that would be incredibly beneficial to this vital state industry. 

This will be our last This Week at the Capital edition until legislative long session begins in January. Stay tuned for the NC Chamber’s How They Voted report, which showcases where legislators stood on pro-business policy during this short session. 

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