Overview and Mission

Our Ag Future is a dynamic project dedicated to preserving the heritage of farming in North Carolina, empowering farmers, and securing a robust future for agriculture in the state.

Our mission is to protect, promote, and revitalize North Carolina’s farming legacy by advocating for farmers’ rights, reducing and right-sizing government regulation, and ensuring a thriving future for agriculture.

Project Initiatives

Heritage Preservation: We are committed to celebrating and preserving the rich cultural heritage associated with farming in North Carolina. Through educational programs, events, and storytelling, we aim to honor the legacy of generations of farmers.

Advocacy for Farmers: Our primary focus is to represent the interests of North Carolina’s farmers in regulatory discussions. We advocate for fair and sustainable policies that empower farmers and reduce unnecessary government intervention.

Why Support Us

Economic Impact: With its $103 billion annual contribution to our state‚Äôs economy, the agriculture industry has a significant economic footprint in North Carolina, providing jobs and contributing to the state’s revenue.

Cultural Heritage: Farming is an integral part of North Carolina’s history and culture. Preserving this heritage is essential for future generations.

Farmers’ Rights: We believe in empowering farmers to make informed decisions about their livelihoods, their property, and reducing government overreach.

Get Involved

Join us in our mission to protect North Carolina’s farming heritage, support our farmers, and secure a prosperous future for agriculture. Your involvement can make a significant impact.

Volunteer: Contribute your time and expertise to our advocacy efforts, events, and educational programs.

Spread the Word: Follow us on social media, share our message, and encourage others to get involved in this vital cause.

Stay Engaged

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Thank you for your support in preserving North Carolina’s farming heritage and securing a strong future for our farmers and agriculture. Together, we can make a difference.

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