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Angela Sutton serves as the NC Chamber’s director of corporate sponsorships. She identifies the evolving needs of our business community and offers a platform for our sponsors to showcase all they do to make North Carolina a competitive state in which to work and live. Angela has a track record of leading successful sales teams focused on nurturing client relationships in underperforming territories and companies, which has resulted in double and triple digit sales growth.

With deep roots in N.C., Angela takes pride in giving back to North Carolinians and trusts the NC Chamber’s work touches everyone in the state in some way, whether it be agriculture, transportation, health care, education, or workforce issues. She says N.C. is the best state to work and live due to our southern hospitality, access to beaches, lakes, sandhills, or mountains, and our universities with successful and entertaining college sports.

In her spare time, Angela can be found on the farm with her family, enjoying the beach with her friends, or digging holes for plants. She enjoys reading books for Bible study or southern fiction with small groups, where she builds life-long relationships. Angela believes it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters.