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As the NC Chamber’s director of marketing, Lenka Hejlkova develops and executes marketing strategy that builds relationships with our sponsors and partners. She enjoys sharing information on potential solutions to someone’s challenge and helping them be better and more successful, leading to deep, long-term, and rewarding relationships.

Lenka attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, receiving her degree in interior architecture. She has gained knowledge and skills in a wide range of roles including project and event management, business development, and business strategy and has worked in small businesses, corporate cultures, across industry segments.

Lenka is proud to live in a state where there is an undeniable culture of genuine, good natured people who share an innate desire to better themselves and help others along as well. No matter if you were born in North Carolina, moved here purposefully, or visited and stayed, you feel part of this community with a complete sense of belonging.

When she’s not working, Lenka likes to truly unplug from work and electronics and spend time with her family outdoors. They enjoy playing and gardening in the yard, taking their dog for walks, visiting parks, and riding bikes on local trails. She also values visiting the beach and mountains, baking, movies, and reading the classics such as “Farewell to Arms,” “The Great Gatsby,” and anything by Bohumil Hrabal, an author from her birthplace in Czech Republic.  “In my next life, I’m going to come back as a drummer”