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If there is one encouraging aspect to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the lessons we can learn from it to establish a sound recovery strategy and ensure North Carolina is better prepared to proactively respond to future crises. To make sure the voice of our statewide business community is heard in this important undertaking, the NC Chamber is providing a blueprint for aligning the efforts of public and private leaders.

We must respond now – time is of the essence if we hope to act on these lessons and relaunch North Carolina at the same pace as competing states. This document outlines a path forward in two areas. The first section, The Way Forward: Distinguishing North Carolina, covers the principles the business community believes should guide North Carolina leaders in finding an initial path to statewide recovery. The second section, Business Continuity: 2020 and Beyond, takes a longer view, outlining the steps needed to create a more resilient disaster preparedness and recovery strategy for future crises.

Together, these bodies of work inform a broader effort – an effort we are calling Relaunching North Carolina. We hope you’ll join us.


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