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NC Chamber to Serve on National Transportation Board

| Infrastructure

I am excited to share with you that Jake Cashion, director of government affairs at the NC Chamber, was elected to the board of directors of TRIP, a national transportation research nonprofit.  TRIP promotes transportation policies that relieve traffic congestion, improve road and bridge conditions, improve air quality, make surface travel safer and enhance economic productivity.

As you know, Infrastructure and Growth Leadership is one of the central “pillars for a secure future” in North Carolina Vision 2030, as the North Carolina business community widely recognizes the inextricable link between infrastructure and North Carolina’s ability to compete for job growth and economic development. Sufficient physical infrastructure, including transportation, water and sewer, energy and broadband, to meet future demand is required for good jobs and a secure future.

As a member of TRIP’s board, Jake will bring greater awareness to not only nationwide surface transportation needs, but also unique challenges faced in North Carolina. Our ability to address North Carolina’s transportation needs will have a long-lasting impact on the state’s economy, as well as its ability to retain current investments and attract new jobs, new investment and expansions.

Jake leads the NC Chamber’s advocacy efforts around infrastructure and transportation policy and has represented the NC Chamber and the business community voice on several statewide groups including the N.C. Transportation Network Advisory Group, N.C. Maritime Strategy Advisory Group, N.C. Logistics Task Force and the I-95 Economic Assessment Advisory Group.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber