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Future-focused today for a prosperous, competitive, and healthy tomorrow.

The NC Chamber Foundation is creating a strong, sustainable future for businesses and communities across North Carolina. Through nonpartisan research and thoughtful collaboration, the NC Chamber Foundation serves as a convener and works to disseminate information related to complex challenges, craft sound policy recommendations, track progress, and drive a future-focused vision to expand economic growth and prosperity for all North Carolinians.

The work of the NC Chamber Foundation is leveraged by the NC Chamber and aligned business organizations to advocate for change that positions North Carolina as a top-10 state to work and do business. To stay up to date on our progress or to join our efforts, sign up for Foundation Updates below.

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NC Chamber Foundation Institute for Workforce Competitiveness

Responding to the urgent workforce needs of our state’s employers and focusing on North Carolina’s future talent supply, the NC Chamber Foundation launched the business-driven Institute for Workforce Competitiveness in March 2022. North Carolina and the nation face workforce challenges, changes, and opportunities. The states that successfully address these issues will be best positioned for economic competitiveness.

The strength in the NC Chamber Foundation is its access to the very employers facing workforce challenges every day. With the formation of the Institute for Workforce Competitiveness, the NC Chamber Foundation will advance the quantity and quality of the state’s workforce.

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