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Have You Ever:

  • Wondered where your fellow North Carolinians stood on an issue?
  • Thought about whether the perspectives and observations shared through traditional and social media actually represent the views of the broader public?
  • Wished that you had insight that your competitors didn’t?
  • Wondered what issues, among so many discussed today across a broad array of platforms, are most important?
  • Questioned how much support there is for a particular policy proposal?

If so, you may be interested in partnering with the NC Chamber’s Quarterly Polling Club.

The Benefits of Polling

We believe that regularly polling North Carolinians could provide excellent insights to help us understand one another better, and to think through how to best position ourselves to fulfill our mission of producing and maintaining a nationally competitive business climate in the state.

Polls generally provide us with information to understand the specific viewpoints of a proportion of the broader population. While polls may not always help us fully understand why our fellow residents believe what they believe, they do give us valuable insights into those beliefs, how deeply they are held, and perhaps what messaging or conditions may have to be created to change those beliefs. Polling also gives a voice to individuals who might ordinarily not have access to a media platform to share their views. Poll results are often a matter of interest to the media, and can also generate public relations opportunities for your organization.

Shared Cost

One of the goals of the QPC is to share the costs of this research across multiple investors. Specific costs will depend on the size and length of the poll, but chances are that Chamber staff can work with you to develop something within your budget. A reliable poll typically consists of at least 500-600 respondents, and will be “in the field” for at least two to three days.

Get Started

Contact Ray Starling to set up a time to discuss next steps.