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Business-Driven. Solution-Oriented.

Responding to the urgent workforce needs of our state’s employers and focusing on North Carolina’s future talent supply, the NC Chamber Foundation launched the business-driven Institute for Workforce Competitiveness in March 2022. North Carolina and the nation face workforce challenges, changes, and opportunities. The states that successfully address these issues will be best positioned for economic competitiveness.

The strength in the NC Chamber Foundation is its access to the very employers facing workforce challenges every day. With the formation of the Institute for Workforce Competitiveness, the NC Chamber Foundation will advance the quantity and quality of the state’s workforce.

Show and share what is working – The Institute will engage employers, educators, and workforce experts statewide to spotlight solutions for current workforce challenges: how businesses are building talent pipelines, collaborating with educators to close skills gaps, and strategically planning for workforce needs. The Institute will then determine how these proven programs can be replicated across North Carolina’s communities

Convene and connect – The Institute will convene stakeholders to align North Carolina’s workforce demands with workforce supply. In addition, the Institute will continue to train practitioners in Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) and connect them with support for expanding employer-led collaboratives, including access to grants for local/regional pipelines in specific industries and occupations. 

Promote data-driven, future-focused policies – The Institute will develop a policy agenda and process that is directly responsive to business demands, emphasizing efficient and effective measures that increase the quality and quantity of North Carolina’s workforce.

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