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Removing burdensome red tape and promoting environmental stewardship are not mutually exclusive.

Protecting North Carolina’s environment while ensuring we can continue to grow at the speed of business is a fundamental balance the NC Chamber advocates for daily. There’s no place in the world like North Carolina – and it’s our responsibility to protect and preserve everything that makes our state so special. Contrary to outdated notions, North Carolina’s job creators know that protecting the environment and running a successful business aren’t mutually exclusive.

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The Challenge

Considering burdensome regulations cost Americans almost two trillion dollars annually, it comes as no surprise that developing a modernized, streamlined regulatory climate is of increased concern to the business community. That’s why the NC Chamber advocates for smart regulations that take into account the pressures facing stakeholders from all sides of an issue.

The Solution

As we work to improve North Carolina’s regulatory climate to meet the state’s future needs, it is imperative that we strike a smart balance between supporting the growth requirements of job creators and providing commonsense safeguards for a healthy natural environment. Our businesses rely on regulatory certainty to streamline and accelerate project delivery and economic development. While many reforms have been realized in this area, there are still changes to be made to North Carolina’s regulatory climate to improve efficiency and predictability for businesses. The NC Chamber Foundation will research how to best strengthen North Carolina’s regulatory environment and further reduce overly burdensome red tape by benchmarking against competitor states. The most recent study on this issue was completed by the Foundation in 2017.

The Agenda