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Protecting our state’s greatest economic engines: Agribusiness and Agriculture

With a $91.8 billion annual contribution to our state’s economy, agribusinesses and agriculture help drive more than their share of North Carolina’s economic success even as they provide communities across our nation with essentials for life.  Employing 17% of our state’s workforce and comprising 17% of overall gross state product, these industries give literal meaning to “homegrown success.”* At the NC Chamber, we’re proud of our agricultural roots and advocate for policies that support these vital industries so that our state’s people, and communities throughout the world, can prosper.

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*Data derived from Agriculture and Agribusiness, by Dr. Michael Walden. May 2019. 

The Current Challenge

Despite its importance to our daily lives and statewide economy, our agriculture industry has been subject to a mounting number of challenges, through no fault of its own. An unpredictable trade environment, uncertain talent pipelines, attacks from out-of-state personal injury attorneys, an unprecedented string of devastating storms, and a worldwide pandemic have all taken their toll in recent years.

The Solution

At the NC Chamber, we know how important our farms and agribusinesses are to the overall success of our state. If we hope to continue that success, we have to support these vital sectors. That’s why we have made it a top priority to help develop and advocate for policies that allow our state’s farmers and agribusinesses to not only survive, but to thrive in the years and decades ahead.

In 2020 alone, the NC Chamber pushed for passage of Senate Bill 704 and House Bill 118, protecting agribusinesses from unwarranted lawsuits stemming from the spread of COVID-19, while also successfully opposing House Bill 1102, which would have lowered regulatory uncertainty to manufacturers and dealers of ag equipment.

We welcome members of our agriculture and agribusiness communities to join Ag Allies, a coalition of businesses that work tirelessly to champion the needs our state’s top industry. Participants receive exclusive updates on pressing agribusiness issues and developments; invitations to calls, webinars, and meetings with state and federal policymakers; and the opportunity to shape the regulatory landscape through collaboration with our Government Affairs team.

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The Agenda

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What Our Members are Saying

  • “The NC Chamber understands the unique challenges facing the agriculture industry. Knowing the Chamber is in our corner, I can focus more on what our business does best.” –James Whitehurst, III, President & CEO of Coastal Agrobusiness, Inc.
  • “From regulatory reform to strengthening nuisance lawsuit protections for farmers, the NC Chamber has stood up for North Carolina agribusiness time and time again.” -John Prestage, Senior Vice President, Prestage Farms, Inc.