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Bolstering Employer Certainty, Strengthening Workplace Culture

From workers’ compensation reform and protecting North Carolina’s right-to-work status, to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion programming and veterans hiring initiatives across the state, the NC Chamber is committed to fighting for policies that bolster certainty for employers and improve engagement within the workplace.

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The Current Challenge

Racial injustice has no place in our society, no place on our shop floors, no place in our board rooms, no place in our workplaces, and no place in our communities.

The mission of the NC Chamber is to research, develop, advocate, and communicate for solutions and polices that produce a nationally competitive business climate in North Carolina. Acknowledging and addressing, with actionable tasks, the complex issues around race is critical to fulfilling that mission. Racial injustice has been discussed for generations and while real, meaningful change will not come instantly, it is beyond time for action. Who better to begin to determine actionable steps than the diverse, innovative, thoughtful leaders who are creating the jobs that build our state’s communities?

The Solution

As community bridge builders, employers are unique positioned to model the behavior and philosophies necessary to create a culture of belonging. The NC Chamber hopes to set an example for the business community by encouraging its own leadership team to pursue the Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) designation. Our CEO, Gary Salamido, has already begun this process.

Our Communications Team is also convening business leaders throughout the state for candid, raw conversations about racial justice. Tune in to our podcast series, “Critical Action: Leaders Getting Down to Business,” where pairs of business executives discuss what it truly means to move the needle on racial justice in our state and nation. No script, no filters–just change-makers committing to action that will improve workplaces and communities throughout the state.

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