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In 2015, the NC Chamber launched the “NC Can’t Afford to Wait” campaign and successfully secured, with the help of the aligned business community, the first true long-term transportation funding reform measures in North Carolina since 1989. While we’ve made great progress since then, it isn’t enough.

Over the course of the next decade, the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) will only have funds available for 17% of our state’s needed transportation projects. During that same time frame, 57% of the revenue currently used to fund infrastructure projects will decline due to North Carolina’s heavy reliance on the dwindling motor fuels tax.

As our connection to the global economy, North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure networks are integral components of our state’s competitive future. The NC Chamber is committed to building upon the state’s available infrastructure investments and advocating for solutions to diversify its revenue streams to finance critical transportation infrastructure projects that will improve our roads, railways, ports, water and sewer systems, energy resources and broadband availability.

Learn more about the NC Chamber’s plans to advance this issue in the 2019 Jobs Agenda.