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Education and Talent Supply Critical to NC’s Competitive Future

| Education & Workforce Development

An important education and talent supply issue that has been in the media spotlight and the forefront ofstatewide discussion this past week is that of retaining and attracting North Carolina’s best and brightest teachers. The Triangle Business Journal reported on how these recent discussions have focused on public education as an economic development tool and “how North Carolina must improve public education in order to create a better workforce in the future.” As outlined in North Carolina Vision 2030, the broad-based business community is keenly aware that education and talent supply is critical to our state’s economic future and ability to compete for jobs.

We need high standards for our students, and we also need to recruit and retain excellent teachers and recognize them for their dedication and professionalism. NC Chamber President Lew Ebert makes that point in the article that we have to make teaching an attractive career path for young people in North Carolina. This is a critical component of the Education and Talent supply pillar of North Carolina Vision 2030Read the full TBJ article here.