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ICYMI: Gov. McCrory Discusses NC’s Drop in Unemployment Rate

| Labor & Workplace

In a recent interview with Fox News, Gov. McCrory discusses how North Carolina addressed the business community’s nearly $3 billion unemployment insurance debt through comprehensive reforms to the state’s UI system. Since reforms were enacted in July, North Carolina’s unemployment rate has fallen from 8.9% to 6.9%. As Gov. McCrory discusses, UI reform is one of many solutions helping grow North Carolina’s economy and spur private sector jobs. In fact, since reforms have been enacted, North Carolina has seen a bigger drop in unemployment than any other state in the country. He also discusses the importance of getting North Carolinians back to work and making sure they have they appropriate training and skills to re-enter the workforce. Watch the full interview here.

The North Carolina Chamber commends our state elected leaders for tackling a problem that would have continued to escalate – threatening the jobs North Carolina families need most – without taking the hard but necessary action to provide real solutions. In addition to restoring accountability, integrity and affordability to North Carolina’s UI system, House Bill 4 will more effectively connect North Carolina’s unemployed residents with jobs, shifting the focus from unemployment to re-employment. We are already seeing success.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber