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North Carolina Targeted by Pro-Union Groups to Devise Organizing Strategy

| Labor & Workplace

I recently shared with you the outcome of the failed union attempt at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee. This was a big defeat for unions in the South and has led pro-union groups to focus more attention on organizing in the South. Recently, the North Carolina AFL-CIO and other groups held an event that used North Carolina as a focal point to develop strategies for labor organizing in the Southern United States. North Carolina currently has the weakest union membership in the nation, which makes our state a target for national union investments and organizing strategies. This article states, “At the national AFL-CIO convention last fall, unions passed a resolution calling for a Southern organizing strategy, and many have backed it up with investments in new union organizing.” Read more here.

As outlined in North Carolina Vision 2030, the NC Chamber contends that our state’s right-to-work (RTW) status is an important part of our history and has been vitally important to our ability to compete for business investment, job creation and future growth. The case for RTW’s economic benefits is overwhelming.  Numerous studies show that it can stimulate growth in jobs, wages and per capita personal income while having beneficial consequences for state tax revenues.  In order to be as competitive as possible in the site selection process and to enhance the economic prospects of all North Carolinians, we must protect our right-to-work statute.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber