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Nuclear Energy Critical to Comprehensive, Responsible Energy Strategy

| Energy, Infrastructure

The North Carolina Chamber has been a consistent advocate for a comprehensive energy strategy in North Carolina that utilizes and explores diverse and available sources – renewable energy, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, natural gas, oil, coal and nuclear. As identified in North Carolina Vision 2030’sInfrastructure and Growth Leadership pillar, an “all of the above” energy strategy is critical to developing sufficient energy infrastructure to support North Carolina’s growing population.

Playing a vital role in the country’s overall energy portfolio, nuclear energy is a national asset that provides reliable, carbon-free electricity to tens of millions of households and businesses around the country. A new bipartisan organization recently launched to raise awareness of the economic challenges to nuclear energy that threaten those benefits, and to work with stakeholders to explore possible policy solutions that properly value nuclear energy as a reliable, affordable and carbon-free electricity resource that is essential to America’s energy future.

You can learn more about Nuclear Matters and the benefits stemming from America’s existing nuclear energy plants at