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Higher Standards Supporters Set Record Straight

As I shared with you recently, the General Assembly’s Joint Study Committee on Common Core State Standards proposed legislation that would repeal Common Core State Standards as of July 1, 2014, putting us back at standards that are not acceptable to the business community. Abruptly abandoning the standards and implementation process adopted by state leaders in 2011 will jeopardize North Carolina’s economic and education progress in recent years.

Since the legislation was proposed, the public debate has heated up even more. Many supporters of the current, higher standards are speaking out to share the facts and dispel many myths that surround the debate. Here are several articles and op-eds that do just that:

Common Core: Essential to NC students competing in the global marketplace by Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS

Common Core: Puts a needed focus on universal skill for NC students by Ben Owens, Cherokee Co. Teacher of the Year and former engineer

Just the facts on Common Core by Natalie English, senior VP of public policy, Charlotte Chamber

Necessary accountability by Phil Kirk, chairman emeritus of the State Board of Education and president/CEO emeritus of the North Carolina Chamber

Calling all CEOs: Get involved with Common Core – now! Triangle Business Journal

Tweak, don’t dump Common Core; Durham Herald Sun

Take Action! Many businesses have taken action by urging members of the LRC to stand up for the current standards and support our state’s teachers who have been implementing these higher standards for the last two years. You can do the same by emailing members of the commission through ourLegislative Action Center.