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2014 Jobs Agenda: Infrastructure and Growth Leadership

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The North Carolina business community widely recognizes the inextricable link between infrastructure and North Carolina’s ability to compete for job growth and economic development. Sufficient physical infrastructure, including transportation, water and sewer, energy and broadband, to meet future demand is required for good jobs and a secure future. North Carolina Vision 2030, the organized business community’s long-term vision, identifies Infrastructure and Growth Leadership as one of the four “Pillars of a Secure Future” – a key area that is critical to the health of your business and essential to drive real economic prosperity and to create good jobs for North Carolinians.

It’s hard to argue against the critical importance of transportation to not only business, but to your everyday quality of life and safety of your family. While there have been positive steps made to the prioritization of transportation funding, North Carolina still faces significant challenges to maintain and improve statewide transportation, especially as the growing population places increased demand on the transportation system. Using the four pillars as a guidepost, the North Carolina Chamber and its members developed the 2014 JOBS Agenda. Within each pillar, the JOBS Agenda outlines several priorities to create jobs and foster economic prosperity for all North Carolinians. Outlined below are Infrastructure and Growth Leadership priorities in the 2014 JOBS Agenda.

2014 JOBS Agenda
Pillar 4: Infrastructure and Growth Leadership

Strengthen “All of the Above” Energy Production Strategy: The NC Chamber supports initiatives to fully realize the potential benefits of domestic energy production to spur job creation in our state, while implementing protective measures and tough standards that safeguard our quality of life values.
Encourage Adequate Support for State Transportation: The NC Chamber understands the importance of not only creating comprehensive, long-term solutions to meet the increasing transportation and infrastructure needs of the state, but also resolving current funding challenges. It is important to identify potential areas for diversification of revenues and transportation funding reform to meet the long-term demands of business and population growth, maintenance and construction.
Read more about the North Carolina Chamber’s 2014 JOBS Agenda here.

The North Carolina Chamber is committed to advancing the four Pillars of a Secure Future and uniting the business community around a long-term plan to help build North Carolina into an economic powerhouse that attracts and creates the best jobs in the world. With the 2014 Legislative Session kicking off today, I look forward to working with each of you to continue strengthening our state’s education and talent supply system.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber