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Take Action Against Legislation that Reduces Standards for NC’s Future Workforce

Both the N.C. House and Senate have introduced legislation (House Bill 1061 and Senate Bill 812) that would repeal the Common Core State Standards as of July 1, 2014, putting us back at standards that are not acceptable for North Carolina’s competitive position.

Why is this bad for job creators?
Abruptly abandoning the standards and implementation process adopted by the legislature in 2011 will jeopardize North Carolina’s economic and education progress in recent years. Adding to the growing concerns around the widening skills gap, many of you are now asking, “where does this leave the workforce of tomorrow?”

In its current form, this legislation is not only a step backward for our classrooms but it is a step backward for our manufacturing floors to the research labs and garages where the next big ideas are being born. North Carolina must remain committed to high levels of learning that prepare each student with critical thinking and problem solving skills for the workplaces of tomorrow. Learn more about the importance of HIRE learning standards at

How can you take action?
Join businesses across the state by taking action – Urge your state legislators to stand up for the current standards and support our state’s teachers who have been implementing these higher standards for the last two years. You can do this by emailing your legislators through ourLegislative Action Center.