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NC to Bolster Competitiveness for Jobs and Economic Development

Governor McCrory signed legislation yesterday to bolster North Carolina’s competitive position for economic development, which passed in the General Assembly with strong bipartisan support. House Bill 1031 authorizes the state Department of Commerce to partner with a newly-formed, private non-profit organization, and it contains a number of safeguards to strengthen transparency and accountability and require greater private investment on joint economic development efforts. Essentially, it sets up the framework for a private-public partnership to take over the job recruitment and marketing functions of the Department of Commerce. This will allow for greater collaboration of the public and private sector in job recruitment, which will streamline and enhance the process.

North Carolina Vision 2030 outlines a Competitive Business Climate as one of the four “Pillars of a Secure Future” for our state. House Bill 1031 makes businesses and North Carolina even more competitive in the national and global race for jobs. We greatly appreciate the leadership of Governor McCrory, Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker and House and Senate leaders in their commitment to North Carolina’s continued economic prosperity. Read more here.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber