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2014 Legislative Victory for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

As the North Carolina Chamber fights for pro-jobs legislation at the state capital, our team uses North Carolina Vision 2030 as a lens to ensure each bill is based around strengthening the four Pillars of a Secure Future: Education and Talent Supply, Competitive Business Climate, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Infrastructure and Growth Leadership.

To be successful in the global economy, North Carolina must encourage innovation – embracing new technology to power the jobs of the future – and it must boost entrepreneurship by attracting capital and encouraging start-up businesses. Through a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, North Carolina will not only attract businesses from other states but also foster the launch of new businesses.

Thanks to your ongoing input and support, the North Carolina Chamber was successful in the 2014 Legislative Session in securing a significant victory to boost and protect statewide entrepreneurship and innovation:

  • Patent Trolls Beware
    The abusive use of patent litigation has become an increasing concern for many small and large businesses, alike, that are targeted by patent trolls. With the patent troll problem spreading across the country, the NC Chamber worked to develop strong protection against abusive patent assertion claims to provide North Carolina a strong advantage in attracting new companies and protecting our current retailers, financial institutions, manufacturers, tech companies and other vital sectors of our economy. Senate Bill 648 empowers North Carolina employers to sue a patent troll if the troll makes an unfair patent demand or files an unfair lawsuit against the company, which sets North Carolina apart from other states.

Check out this year’s edition of NC Chamber Wins for Business for more 2013-14 pro-jobs legislative victories and the 2015 JOBS Agenda to keep North Carolina growing!

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber