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“How It’s Made” Looking for NC Stories

| Manufacturing

The Discovery Channel television show “How It’s Made” is seen by an international audience (180-plus countries) of more than 100 million viewers per week. The producers of the long-running show (it started in 1999) are looking for some truly unique North Carolina production processes.

A word of caution: After all those years, the show has “covered a lot of processes.” What they are seeking are “cool processes to show how things are made.” Here is some additional guidance:

  • Items should have enough process to fill a segment that lasts four-and-a-half minutes
  • No visuals air without the consent of the participating company
  • There is no financial contribution or direct reward for appearing on the show
  • Check out a segment to better determine if your process might work in the show’s format

To discuss the possibility of being featured on “How It’s Made,” contact Tom Bauer at (514) 288-3388 (ext. 229) or