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Forty-two State Chambers Urge Long-Term Transportation Investment

| Infrastructure

North Carolina’s transportation infrastructure is at a critical juncture with a rapidly growing population and mounting safety and congestion concerns, and without long-term, sustainable funding solutions to maintain a system that meets the mobility demands of North Carolinians. North Carolina is not alone with these challenges. This is a crisis other states face, as well as one that is taking place at the national level.

Today, 42 state chambers of commerce called on Congress to make investment in America’s transportation infrastructure a top priority, with more than a dozen state chamber representatives, traveling to Washington to make their case in person. NC Chamber President and CEO Lew Ebert and other North Carolina business leaders are meeting with several members of the North Carolina Congressional delegation today to discuss this critical issue.

In a letter addressed to Congressional leaders, Lew and leaders of 41 other state chambers argue that America is losing one of its great strengths as its infrastructure deteriorates and our ability to inexpensively and efficiently move goods and services around the nation crumbles along with it.

“In order to compete in the global economy, other nations are making historic investments in their own transportation infrastructure. China, India, and Europe spend about 9%, 8%, and 5% of their gross domestic product, respectively, on infrastructure investment. Meanwhile, infrastructure investments in the United States have declined to a mere 2.4% of GDP,” the letter states.

Congress currently faces a critical crossroads as it discusses both the solvency of the Federal Highway Trust Fund and the reauthorization of the surface transportation bill passed in 2012.

Improving road safety, funding the remediation and expansion of bridges, expanding freight and logistics infrastructure, and providing good public transportation are near-universal values. We encourage our elected officials in North Carolina and Washington to take a thoughtful approach to our federal and state transportation challenges.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber