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NC Chamber Members: Support Modernized Regulations for Business Growth

House Bill 795 (SEPA Reform) takes important steps to modernize regulations impacting new business growth. This vital pro-jobs bill was reported favorable in the House Environment Committee this morning and will soon move to the House floor for consideration.

Tell your legislators that North Carolina needs a modernized regulatory climate if we hope to lead the way in the 21st Century race for jobs! Click here to urge your representative to advance commonsense regulations by supporting House Bill 795.

North Carolina currently has outdated regulatory statutes on the books that hinder our ability to compete for the innovative projects of tomorrow. The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) continues to unnecessarily stall new business construction and cost businesses time and money. Under current law, SEPA requires a review process in addition to federal approval that can add years to the development of new economic opportunities. This lengthy review process can expose businesses to frivolous lawsuits aimed at tying up capital investment projects and impeding job growth.

House Bill 795 deters these frivolous lawsuits by establishing sensible qualifications for SEPA review, promoting economic growth while maintaining strong environmental protections. In addition to supporting House Bill 795, the NC Chamber remains committed to fighting for balanced regulations that allow our companies to compete for growth in a modern economy.

Take action now to urge your representative to make this same commitment to modernizing regulations and boosting our competitiveness!