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NC Chamber Testifies on Growth-Killing Impacts of Health Care Mandates

| Labor & Workplace

We continue to hear from our members about the heavy burdens of health care costs and government-imposed coverage mandates. This afternoon, the House Insurance Committee took up this important jobs issue, and I testified in opposition to legislation that would pile additional coverage mandates on our state’s job creators.

Access to a quality, cost-effective and predictable health care system is a major component of a competitive state business climate. However, each new insurance mandate undermines a cost-effective system by selectively adding costs to various sectors of the economy. To make matters worse, state mandates remove the choice from individuals and small businesses about the kind of insurance they want to buy – or can afford – reducing overall access to health care.

With 57 insurance mandates on the books in North Carolina – more than the majority of states – and several new mandates proposed in 2015, it is vital that business leaders act now to make our elected leaders aware of the growth-killing potential of this type of legislation. The NC Chamber continues to oppose mandates that raise employer costs, reduce employee choice and threaten our state’s ability to compete for sustained business growth.

To view the bills that we are following this session, including a full list of mandates, visit our legislative bill tracker.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber