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Sustainable Transportation Discussion Advances in General Assembly

| Infrastructure

Today, the House Transportation Committee held a hearing on a bill (HB927) that provides a starting point in the discussion toward a long-term transportation revenue formula – a vital need for our fast-growing state if we do not want to see negative economic impacts and future commutes filled with endless seas of tail lights.

House Bill 927 – “Reestablish NC as the ‘Good Roads State’” is a good step in an ongoing discussion and we believe collaborative efforts among North Carolina’s leaders on this crucial growth issue will ultimately achieve success. Key measures in House Bill 927 include cutting the gas tax and increasing revenue from other sources – like the highway use tax and vehicle registration fees – while phasing out Highway Trust Fund transfers to the General Fund over four years.

The North Carolina Chamber is monitoring House Bill 927 as we continue to engage our state’s leaders in efforts to secure a diversified, stable and economically-efficient revenue model to meet our long-term transportation needs. Continued discussion is crucial if we hope to find sustainable solutions, and we thank the bill sponsors and members of the House Transportation Committee for advancing this important conversation to the next stage.

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Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber