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Urgent Action Needed: Encourage N.C. House to Support the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015

| Environmental & Regulatory Reform

The Conference Report for House Bill 765 (Regulatory Reform Act of 2015) is on the N.C. House calendar today, and the NC Chamber strongly encourages you to urge your Representative to support this important pro-growth bill. Securing a modernized, competitive regulatory climate is an ongoing process, and the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015 provides the smart next steps North Carolina needs to cut the burdensome and unnecessary red tape that can halt new job creation.

A key provision in the bill would streamline the process for risk-based cleanup of contaminated industrial sites. But that measure is just one of the many ways this bill would provide increased balance to our regulatory system. Click here to enter your information, find your Representative, and send a message urging them to support balanced regulations to help our state continue growing jobs at the pace of modern business.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber