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NC Chamber Fights to Keep Education Working for Business at General Assembly

The NC Chamber is opposing a piece of legislation currently being considered at the General Assembly that would create a significant barrier to the development of a secure talent pipeline for North Carolina’s job creators. By lowering high school math standards and re-starting the academic standards review process created by legislators two years ago, House Bill 657 would derail the smart process already being carried out to further improve implementation of our state’s current, high-quality education standards.

As you continue to remind us, North Carolina’s business community needs a diverse, adaptable talent pool to fill the jobs of our modern economy. High-quality academic standards are essential for continuing to grow such a talent pool in our state, and high school math standards are particularly important for ensuring our students are career and college-ready. The State Board of Education, as part of the open and transparent process previously created by legislators, recently approved a set of high school math standards with strong backing from teachers, parents and business leaders. House Bill 657 would short circuit that process and create instability in the continued development of a high-quality talent pipeline for North Carolina’s job creators.

After the N.C. House voted unanimously this week not to concur with this no-jobs bill, House Bill 657 now proceeds to a conference committee of both House and Senate members for further discussion. With the future competitiveness of our workforce such a crucial issue for job creators, now is not the time to inject uncertainty and derail an academic standards review process that was designed to solicit, and successfully secured, input from all stakeholders. We are continuing to monitor this legislation and any potential action by the conference committee and may call on you in the near future to reach out to your legislators.

If you have questions or would like more details on this bill, please email Meaghan Lewis or call (919) 836-1416.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber