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Will your business be the spark that fuels health care transformation in N.C.?

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Across the country, gym memberships average $58*. Multiply that figure by one million, and you’ve reached the cost of health and wellness programs provided by General Electric to its employees across the globe. Considering that figure, it’s no surprise that General Electric executives have strong opinions on health care cost and value in their communities. And as a company that has limited its health care costs from rising more than 3% annually, GE’s executives are quite the experts on the subject.

But why are we talking about GE?

In mid-2009, GE leaders began placing greater value on improving the health of employees and their communities. In a display of corporate social responsibility and great business-savvy, heads of GE rolled up their sleeves to help pave the way to health care transformation in Cincinnati.

So, too, can your business light the way toward improved health care value in North Carolina.

GE leaders called for a meeting of health and community leaders to begin discussing an action plan for health care transformation. Those leaders heard and heeded the call. Almost every person contacted by GE showed up to the meeting.

Jim Anderson, CEO of Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital through 2009, recalls the attendance.


By merely calling on others to join the cause, and collaborating with stakeholders on an action plan, GE ignited a movement that resulted in positive health outcomes for all of Cincinnati. Patients at participating pilot primary care facilities reported fewer emergency room visits, inpatient admissions, bed days and readmissions than those at non-participating facilities. Pediatric asthma patients and those with diabetes reported fewer complications from their illness than anywhere else in the U.S. (See the infographic below for specific data.) GE leaders believe these improved outcomes will inevitably lead to lower health care costs in the near future.

By the numbers: Cincinnati’s ER Visits and Hospital Admissions during GE’s Health Pilot Program


GE shows us that businesses are the spark that starts it all. It’s time to ignite a health care transformation in North Carolina.

Hear from Craig Osterhues, GE Aviation’s Manager of Health Services, and other health industry influencers at our 2016 Health Care Conference, Thursday, September 15, 2016, from 8:45 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. in Durham, NC. At this conference, the NC Chamber will begin securing a committee of business leaders and stakeholders who will lead the state’s health care transformation. Will you join us?

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