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How Much Do You Know About our Appeals Process for Unemployment-Insurance Claims? Help Get Your Company Up to Speed

In 2013, our state’s leaders passed a comprehensive, Chamber-backed unemployment-insurance reform package. Its aim was to reduce the waste, fraud and abuse that were plaguing our broken system and begin getting more North Carolinians back to meaningful work. As you know, that reform package ended up being a perfect bulls-eye for North Carolina’s competitive business climate – a UI debt that once ballooned to nearly $3 billion has been paid off, a $1 billion surplus has been put in savings, and businesses of all sizes are seeing their taxes continuing to fall year after year.

One other important effect of those reforms was to set up a three-person Board of Review to evaluate higher-level appeals in the unemployment-insurance compensation system. With a chairman and both an employer and employee representative enabling a fair and impartial review of each appeal, this independent board now provides a critical safeguard to prevent fraud and abuse from reestablishing themselves in the system.

With that in mind, we believe it is important for the business community to gain a clearer understanding of the functions of this new board, the workings of the appeals process, and why completing and submitting proper documentation is essential. To that end, Board of Review Chairman Jeanette Doran has indicated her willingness to visit with associations, local chambers and other business organizations for a detailed discussion of this new independent body. If you are interested in a briefing, we would be happy to connect you with Chairman Doran. Please contact Jake Cashion at for more information.

We appreciate Chairman Doran’s willingness to help our state’s business community become more informed on this issue. The NC Chamber encourages our members to take advantage of this great opportunity to stay informed and help bolster a strong unemployment-insurance system that continues to work to keep costs low and get more North Carolinians back to work.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber