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General Assembly Passes Strong Disaster Recovery Act

Wasting no time in taking care of the important reason Gov. McCrory called together this week’s special legislative session, the General Assembly today passed a strong piece of legislation to help provide much needed relief measures for individuals, businesses and communities hardest hit by the recent natural disasters impacting large portions of North Carolina. State House members approved the Disaster Recovery Act of 2016 in a unanimous vote yesterday, and the Senate followed up with its own unanimous approval late this morning. The $201-million package will fuel recovery efforts in eastern North Carolina communities affected by flooding from Hurricane Matthew and in communities in western North Carolina scorched by recent wildfires, including $29 million to temporarily house residents displaced by Matthew and $25.5 million for timber restoration efforts in western forests.

“There are human stories behind every one of those floods,” Gov. McCrory stated Tuesday as he urged the House Appropriations Committee to act quickly to adopt the legislation. “Now when the cold weather is finally coming to North Carolina, now is the time for action to help these people who cannot help themselves and who are in desperate straits.”

The Disaster Recovery Act of 2016, which is expected to quickly pass one last vote in the House before moving to the Governor’s desk, comes on top of a $300-million federal funding package passed by Congress last week. The substantial allotment of funds sends a strong message that, during this special session, our elected leaders are committed to addressing these critical challenges impacting North Carolinians in communities across our state. The NC Chamber applauds members of the General Assembly and Gov. McCrory for placing the highest priority on these vital recovery efforts. (Click here for a detailed overview of the measures contained in this important bill.)

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber