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NC Chamber Encouraged by Selection of Major General Jim Trogdon for NC Department of Transportation Secretary

| Infrastructure

Continuing to secure strong investments in our statewide transportation network will remain a key priority on the NC Chamber’s Jobs Agenda in 2017 and beyond. To that end, we were encouraged by Governor Cooper’s recent selection of Major General Jim Trogdon as the new N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Secretary.

With a career in military and state government spanning multiple decades, including serving as the NCDOT’s chief operating officer and as director of Strategic Transportation Planning for the General Assembly, we are confident that Secretary Trogdon’s leadership will serve as a catalyst for lawmakers to continue making these crucial investments in North Carolina’s transportation future. In a statement released last week noting our support for this appointment, NC Chamber president and CEO Lew Ebert praised the major general’s record: “Jim Trogdon has a thorough understanding of commerce and freight movement in North Carolina. His decades of experience position him well to lead on a critical piece of our state’s infrastructure during a time of tremendous growth.”

That tremendous growth amounts to the addition of about two million more North Carolinians by 2030, and it is imperative that future development of our transportation and infrastructure capacity continues to keep pace to support our growing population. As the NC Chamber looks to build on the investments we helped secure with a landmark long-term transportation funding reform package in 2015, we look forward to the opportunity to work closely with such a seasoned transportation veteran as Major General Jim Trogdon.

For details on the transportation priorities we will be focused on in 2017, contact Jake Cashion, director of governmental affairs at the NC Chamber.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber