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Securing North Carolina’s Future

Securing a prosperous economic future for North Carolina is imperative as the state prepares to become the seventh most populous in the nation by 2030. In anticipation of this rapid growth, it is more critical now than ever before that our state’s economic development efforts are moving full-steam ahead to ensure North Carolina is ready to become home to more than 12 million people. While economic development is in no way a new issue to North Carolina, it is certainly one that now requires a greater sense of urgency if the state is to maintain its competitive standing in the modern global economy.

For too long, our state lacked a long-term plan to address North Carolina’s quickly evolving economic development needs. However, with the help of top North Carolina business leaders, local chambers of commerce and key stakeholders in the business community, the NC Chamber crafted North Carolina Vision 2030, a forward-thinking, initiative-driven plan that provides focused economic development strategies to accelerate job growth and strengthen North Carolina’s competitive advantage. This blueprint outlines comprehensive solutions to North Carolina’s most pressing economic challenges, pin-pointing reform efforts to improve the state’s “education and talent supply,” “competitive business climate,” “ entrepreneurship and innovation” and “infrastructure and growth leadership.” Achieving excellence in these four key pillars is non-negotiable as we work to solidify North Carolina’s place as a winner in the global jobs war. With all that is at stake, our business community and the state’s leaders must continue to advance these bold initiatives instituting formative change and propelling North Carolina forward.

North Carolina is growing by the day, which is why we cannot take our foot off the gas.. It’s time for North Carolina’s leaders to build on progress of recent years and continue to lead and push our state forward. From education and workforce development to infrastructure to the state’s business climate, there are many facets of North Carolina’s competitive economy that need to advance and innovate at the speed of business. Our elected officials must capitalize on the momentum and strive for a sustainable competitive advantage for our state. The foundation has been laid, now let’s build on four strong pillars and lead the nation.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber