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Ensuring Prosperity in NC

North Carolina is set to become the seventh most populous state in the country in the coming years, adding another two million residents by 2030. As we prepare for this level of growth, securing a prosperous economic future for every community across North Carolina is of the utmost importance. While rapidly changing technology has shifted the employment landscape and economic drivers of rural North Carolina, the NC Chamber is committed to driving change that will help all of North Carolina grow now and in the future. It is for that reason, we support House Bill 795: Economic Development Incentives Modifications.

Policymakers have helped position North Carolina as one of the fastest growing states in recent years, making the state home to some of the most competitive legal, regulatory and business climates in the country. While this progress is certainly moving our state in the right direction, there are still some areas across North Carolina that need more attention. House Bill 795 will make key economic development policy changes to support these areas, improving competitiveness and growing opportunity. In order to successfully compete for talent, investment and jobs, North Carolina’s economic engine must be firing on all cylinders and legislation like House Bill 795 will certify that’s the case across the state.

Spreading economic prosperity in every North Carolina community requires regionalization, planning, and efforts at the local level to encourage investment. It is imperative that we support policies like House Bill 795 that continue to strengthen and improve economic development resources for all of North Carolina. Sustaining North Carolina’s competitive advantage is critical to transforming North Carolina into a global jobs leader and we encourage our legislative leaders to advance policies that do just that.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber