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IBM’s Innovative Technology is Changing Education

| Education & Workforce Development

Aligning the goals of our state’s education systems with the needs of our rapidly evolving workforce is essential to securing North Carolina’s competitive future. Job creators share in the responsibility of giving North Carolina’s students the opportunities needed to thrive as they enter the workforce. That’s why this #WorkReadyWednesday, we’re highlighting IBM’s latest effort to transform K-5th grade math education.

IBM recently launched Teacher Advisor With Watson, a comprehensive and free cognitive advisor for educators who teach K-5th grade math. Designed with the help of teachers from across the country, Teacher Advisor With Watson comes complete with proven-effective lesson plans, strategies and activities for educators to use in the classroom. All of the materials available through Teacher Advisor are standards-aligned and the content was developed using a wide-variety of elementary math terms and concepts, making it easier for educators to find and utilize content and resources for students at any grade or ability level. What’s more, the system’s innovative cognitive technology means it will continue learning and improving with training and use. As Jennifer Ryan Crozier, president of the IBM International Foundation and vice president of IBM Corporate Citizenship, said in a recent blog post, “in a world with rising inequality, increasing demands on teachers, and a widening gap between the requirements of industry and student preparation, Teacher Advisor can help educators ensure that all students – regardless of cultural background or family income – master the skills necessary to succeed.”

Much of a child’s future success is dictated by the learning foundation laid during the early years of their education. As business looks to provide students with 21st-century career-training opportunities to fill the talent pipeline, we must remember it’s equally important to create opportunities for our youngest students to grow. Only then will we be able to produce a globally competitive workforce. IBM’s Teacher Advisor With Watson was created to empower teachers to spark a child’s passion for learning and is an inspiring example of business partnering with education to fully prepare students for the future. Have a story to share about your organization’s efforts to work with our education systems to provide more opportunities to students? Please share it with Meaghan Lewis, the NC Chamber’s government affairs manager, and join the conversation online using #WorkReadyWednesday.

Gary J. Salamido
Vice President, Government Affairs
North Carolina Chamber