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New Tool Seamlessly Connects You to NC Students

| Education & Workforce Development

We’ve always said that change can’t happen in North Carolina unless business leads the way, and Fidelity Investments is proving our point once again. Last week in partnership with the Office of the Governor and the North Carolina Business Committee for Education, Fidelity unveiled a new tool aimed at connecting employers with teachers and students: The Navigator.

The Navigator is an online marketplace where employers can list and share their expertise and resources with educators in an effort to expose more students to the wide variety of work-based learning options out there. Developed by a volunteer team at Fidelity, the tool offers employers the opportunity to work more closely with younger students and share their workforce needs with educators. It eliminates the barriers preventing schools and teachers from connecting with those employers and streamlines the process of building a stronger talent pipeline for us all.

Fidelity is joined by several other companies like GSK, BB&T and Wells Fargo that have already started utilizing The Navigator to post events and opportunities. For example, did you know that schools can host Fidelity volunteers to lead financial literacy workshops for students? Teachers can also work with Fidelity’s Women in Technology group to bring speakers to their classroom who can share their experiences in STEM fields.

The lack of skilled or interested talent is an issue that affects all of us, which is why we need your help to make The Navigator successful. Learn more in this fascinating News & Observer article or on The Navigator’s website and sign up to connect your business to students today! Thank you, Fidelity, for taking this important step towards educating today’s students and tomorrow’s workers.

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