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Driving Health Care Value in 2020

| Health Care

North Carolina might be the “Best State for Business,” but when it comes to health care value the state sits at 36th in the nation. With health care costs on the rise and below average outcomes, North Carolina has a long road ahead to become a top-ten state for health and health care value.

North Carolina is home to world-class hospital systems, top research institutions, prominent life science companies and a booming business climate, which means now is the time to make health care transformation a reality. If we’re to keep the state competitive and build healthier communities, transforming North Carolina’s health care value proposition is essential. 2020 will be an important year as we work to achieve this goal. Going forward, the NC Chamber Foundation will continue to explore opportunities to catalyze employer engagement and encourage collaboration across the health care supply chain.

The key to health care transformation is you. Be it through premiums, self-insuring or state and federal taxes, job creators are a major payer of health care and wield the power to lead change. We need your voice at the table and hope you’ll share your thoughts in the survey below.

In addition, we will continue to closely follow the federal challenge against association health plans (AHPs) and stand ready to deliver once the courts decide. Last year, our team worked diligently to see that Senate Bill 86: Small Business Healthcare Act became law, making it possible to establish AHPs in North Carolina. AHPs could be an effective tool used to offer more affordable, high-quality health care options for North Carolinians. These plans could also be instrumental in driving value across the state.

If you have a moment, please fill out this quick survey and tell us about your organization’s priorities for 2020. Whether your business is focused on health care or other workplace issues, we would love to know more to better serve you.