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New NC Chamber Foundation Data Tool Tracks North Carolina’s Competitiveness

The future-focused NC Chamber Foundation launched the interactive and intuitive NC Dashboard, a data-driven, objective tool to measure the state’s competitive weaknesses and advantages. The streamlined NC Dashboard allows anyone to easily monitor how North Carolina’s economic success compares to every other state by tracking strategic growth metrics in real-time. Organized around North Carolina Vision 2030, the Foundation’s long-term plan developed with North Carolina’s job creators to secure a more competitive future, the NC Dashboard reveals insights into the state of our economy to identify North Carolina’s advancements as well as the state’s areas in need of improvement.

“We firmly believe that North Carolina’s competitive future hinges on our ability to put impartial data to practical use,” said NC Chamber Foundation President Kelly Fuller. “In today’s world, it is imperative to recognize the challenges North Carolinians face as well as the opportunities we can seize as a state to propel North Carolina in the coming decade. When we understand where we have been and where we are now, the view of where we need to go becomes that much clearer. It is my sincere hope that the Dashboard will give leaders of all stripes across North Carolina a valuable tool to make more informed decisions about the future of our state.”

When North Carolina business leaders created North Carolina Vision 2030, one of the most critical components was accountability to the goals. The NC Chamber Foundation released the NC Dashboard to better assess the state’s progress on key metrics through an accessible, online format. The NC Dashboard data are categorized by the three pillars outlined in North Carolina Vision 2030: Competitive Business Climate, Education and Talent Supply, and Infrastructure and Growth Leadership. Each pillar, in turn, contains one or more indexes that group data even more granularly. For example, Competitive Business Climate includes the Business Headache Index with indicators that reveal the burdens of operating a business. Drill down to the level of individual indicator such as unemployment insurance solvency to see how that metric has progressed and where North Carolina ranks in comparison with other states.

Furthering the NC Chamber Foundation’s commitment for collaboration, the NC Dashboard provides cross-connectivity with programs run by MyFuture NC, the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, and the state Office of Broadband to reflect a detailed, comprehensive view into all aspects of North Carolina’s competitive landscape.

In the coming months, the NC Chamber Foundation will issue regular updates on timely information discovered through the NC Dashboard. The resource will evolve with new features to ensure stakeholders across the state have the latest data to appreciate where North Carolina stands today so we can determine the best course for tomorrow.