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Last Call for NC Employers to Apply for Business Recovery Grants

North Carolina businesses eligible to receive a one-time relief payment from the state’s Business Recovery Grant program – launched in December to provide additional support to businesses disrupted by the pandemic – must have grant applications filed with the NC Department of Revenue (NCDOR) no later than next Monday, Jan. 31. Note that NCDOR must have your completed application on file by Jan. 31 to ensure your eligibility. Online filing is the simplest method for securing your expedient eligibility and the method most preferred by NCDOR.

Learn more bout Business Recovery Grant eligibility, applications, and payment amounts from NCDOR here.

Two types of grants will be available to eligible businesses that faced economic losses of at least 20 percent during the pandemic: a hospitality grant for those in the arts, entertainment, recreation, and service sectors classified under NAICS Code 71 and 72 and a reimbursement grant for other eligible job creators that did not receive funding from another COVID-relief program. Grant amounts will be based on a percentage of the economic loss demonstrated by the business and will not exceed $500,000; NCDOR may adjust these amounts depending on the total amount of grants requested.