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New Survey Shows North Carolinians Want Child Care Crisis Fixed

RALEIGH, N.C. – Statewide survey results released yesterday show that North Carolina voters are experiencing a child care crisis that is hurting families and making it hard for businesses to hire employees and grow. The public opinion survey of registered voters was commissioned by the NC Chamber Foundation.

More than 80% of North Carolina voters say the lack of child care is a problem that will not solve itself and that improving quality and making child care more affordable is a good use of taxpayer money. In every part of North Carolina and across political affiliation, the majority of voters want the state to act so more families have access to affordable, quality child care.

“Affordable, quality child care supports working parents on the job, allows businesses to recruit and retain talent, and helps North Carolina children develop skills for success in school and life,” said Meredith Archie, President, NC Chamber Foundation. “The health of North Carolina’s economy is directly tied to the strength of its workforce. This survey shows that North Carolinians understand the critical role of child care and want it to be a top priority for the state.”

Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed agree that quality child care is important to strengthen the economy and help workers provide for their families. The survey reveals, however, that just as North Carolina is experiencing a severe labor shortage, parents are leaving the workforce or turning down job opportunities due to lack of access to affordable, quality child care. With federal funding to help stabilize the child care industry ending, the situation is likely to worsen. Parents with children five and under are significantly impacted.

The survey shows that child care is a nonpartisan issue and voters across the political spectrum want this to be an important priority for the state this year.

Highlights from the survey were shared in a webinar with the research firm, New Bridge Strategy. It can be accessed here. More information about the survey and tools to share the findings are online here.

The survey of 500 registered North Carolina voters was conducted April 13-18, 2023 by New Bridge Strategy. Interviews were conducted via live telephone interviews (both cell phones and landlines) and online. Interviews were distributed proportionally throughout the state. Quotas were set for key demographic sub-groups, such as gender and age. The margin of error is +4.38% for the overall sample. The margin of error will vary for sub-groups.


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