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Advocating for Your Right to Regulatory Certainty

The NC Chamber engages in a transparent and open process with government when advocating for certainty and predictability for North Carolina’s business community.

Forever chemicals are grabbing headlines across the nation and North Carolina has been an area of focus for our federal government on the issue.

In April, the NC Chamber sent a letter to the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality asking for clarification and more information before promulgating drinking water standards in North Carolina. Chief among our concerns is setting standards so low that they cannot be measured.

Our letter was met with a strong response from N.C. DEQ that was immediately released to the media.

While suggesting misinformation may be politically popular, too often it is used to stifle debate and discourage the public from participating in government. The business community has every right to ask questions and understand the consequences of proposed regulations.

Employers prioritize a healthy environment that balances economic growth, it is critical to their competitiveness. Petitioning our government for certainty and predictability and asking tough questions about our leaders’ plans for our future should never be called misinformation.